If this mouth could open 2017



Through the creation of complex textual arrangements, drawn from autobiographical notations, I focus upon the means and mechanics of communication to reveal and conceal an inner discourse. In particular, I pay attention to the use of the voice and how it enacts the spoken word. Prominence is given to the voice’s physicality, which in turn informs the creation of choreographed sequences, resulting in a new and densely interwoven sense of narrative.

 I purposefully stage points of access for the audience to engage with the subject without making explicit the moments that I am reflecting upon. I employ the manipulation and processing of the voice to enhance an ambiguity as to whose voice is being presented. Through my work I include aspects of narration within the narrative to accentuate a sense of the staged encounter. Exposing the conceptual framework, reveals the process of constructing narratives as being central to my subject.